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Online Systems

Check out the bottom of this page for additional Remote Learning Support for Parents/Carers.

RM Unify:

To access RM Unify at home, please follow these easy steps to ensure you have access.

RM Unify logins, along with other application logins, should have been recently given out, either through physical copies, or emails sent via the Class's email address.

Using the given details, please follow the steps below:

1. Access RM Unify by clicking HERE.

2. Under Username, enter the username which is used within school 

3. Enter the password which is used within school.

Note:- Please ensure that you have "@petershilldudley" or "@petershillprimary.org" (either works), at the end of the username, as this will ensure connection to our School's RM Unify.


Satchel One - Show My Homework:

For full details on Satchel One, please view our Satchel One Page, and our Satchel Online Homework Calendar Page.

Satchel One's Show My Homework, is an online application which allows teachers and staff to publish homework and other resouces to their classes of students. It allows students to complete their homework from their home computers, tablets or even smart phones, and submit it back to the teacher for grading. The staff member which will be able to choose how the resource/homework is resubmitted, such as back to Satchel One, or via an alternative means, suchas MyMaths, TTRS, or Purple Mash, etc.

We have enabled RM Unify Single Sign-on, therefore to log into Satchel, you must be logged into RM Unify by clicking HERE, and selecting the Satchel One tile. (If you have difficulties logging in, please view our Accessing online systems at home page, HERE).

Alternatively, you can access the Satchel One login screen, HERE and select the Log in with RM Unify option, as shown below:


Your child's teacher should have given out letters explaining how to log into MyMaths, including your childs details. If there were not physically given, i.e. your child was in isolation prior to this, then your child's class teacher should have emailed them to you.

If you do not have these details, please contact your child's class teacher via the relevant Class email address, thank you.

Click HERE for a quick guide in logging into MyMaths.


Carrot Rewards/MyStickers:

Your child will have their Carrot Rewards/MyStickers log in to access their account and spend their points on relative rewards. To access MyStickers your child can log into RM Unify (please follow the steps above), and then access the MyStickers Icon. 

Alternative, you can click HERE to go directly to the MyStickers Login.

NOTE:- The username and password for Carrot Rewards/MyStickers are case sensitive, therefore please type in exactly what is shown on the label/sheet which was given to you. For example, if the username is PHTestU then please ensure the P, H, T and U are all capitalised when entering the details.

Purple Mash:

Once logged into RM Unify, click onto the Purple Mash tile, and this should automatically log you in and take you to the main dashboard for Purple Mash.

Please note, that it has been mentioned by people that the auto-signin feature doesn't seem to be working for some people, which may be due to the amount of users accessing it across the UK. If this is the case, please contact your child's class teacher through the Class Email address, and we will be able to help you.

NOTE:- to see if there is a solution/workaround to the above issue, please ensure you are completely logged out of RM Unify (close the browser and reopen too), and then click HERE. This link will ask you to log into RM Unify (please ensure @petershilldudley is at the end) and you should be able to automatically log into Purple Mash from here. ** This is current workaround is being tested to see if it works **


Espresso (Discovery Education Experience):

We have now done an upgrade on our Discovery Education, Espresso Service. This upgraded version, allows Students and Teachers have their own personal logins.

You can access the new Espresso (Discovery Experience) Login Page HERE.

Your teacher will be (if they haven't already) sending out your username and password for this new upgraded Espresso.


Similar to Espresso, you do not need a username and password to access this application. In order to access Easimaths, log into RM Unify, and click on the Easimaths tile, which will automatically log you in using your RM Unify details, and take you to the Easimaths dashboard.

Easimaths is an application which uses Adobe Flash Player. On devices such as Smart-Phones and Tablets, Flash player isn't normally installed/available in the browsers, and therefore it is advised that a Computer or Laptop is used. This being said, an application called Puffin Web Browser is available with built in Adobe Flash Player, but please bear in mind that this app will have advertisements built into it.


Contacting your child's class teacher:

Class teachers will have sent an informational email out to the main contacts of their students' in their classes. If you would like to contact your child's class teacher in regards to any issues, enquiries or question, please do so by emailing the email which has been sent to you.

** NOTE:- If you are the main contact for your child, and you have not recieved an email, please check your Junk/SPAM folders to ensure no emails are missed from us. **


Online Learning Software/Apps:

For other links to Learning software/app, please click HERE.

Supporting Daily Routines with School Closures:




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