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Eco Council

Eco Council update - June 2019

In September we elected 4 new representatives from Year 3. The Eco Council meet up every half term.

In the Autumn Term, the Eco Council familiarised themselves with the Eco Schools website, Eco topics, our aims and updated the hall display. We introduced a new information area in the Library and a folder containing the minutes of meetings, Eco information etc. We also created a code:

Everyone can help

Only use the car if necessary

Care for and protect animals

Our world is precious

Don’t waste water

Enjoy our earth


The council was introduced to the whole school and our aims/code introduced during KS1/KS2 assemblies.

Our Eco Representatives were given Eco Council badges and following an environmental review based on energy we aimed to reduce our usage by displaying information posters explaining '3 simple things you can do to save energy in your classroom' in each classroom and 'turn lights off' posters in communal areas.

We have received a Bronze award and are currently making the necessary steps to achieve a Silver award.


In Spring Term, the council decided to get an overview of the current Eco topic links throughout school within the curriculum, (see plan attached). This highlighted the topics of water and school grounds as not being covered (awaiting information from Forest School).


We decided to support the topic of litter/waste/re-cycling.

In April, we were part of the Big Spring Clean event supported by the Keep Britain Tidy charity campaign and after our first attempt being snowed off we became Litter Heroes on 3rd April. This will be featured in the next PHPS online magazine.


After meeting in the Summer Term we now want to coordinate a whole school event. We plan to contribute to whole school assemblies to make school aware of the Government’s Year Of Green Action (YoGA) and pupils aware of the issues relating to litter and in particular the use of single-use plastic.

We intend to support the Plastic Challenge event running throughout the country in the month of July. We intend to implement an activity (Marine Conservation society resource investigating the length of time it takes for objects to decompose) which can be completed in every year group to lead up to a plastic free day in school.


Work in progress for the Eco Council

Plastic Free day (email sent to catering staff about supporting this at lunch time), date to be decided.

Milk cartons and plastic straws usage in EYFS – (RW to contact school milk providers about possibility of using cups and large bottles of milk and no straws!)

Awaiting information from Forest Schools to find out how this links with the Eco topic of School Grounds.