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Mrs I Gilhooley


The Modern Foreign Language (MFL) taught at Peters Hill is French. French is the official language in 29 countries which makes it the second most used official language behind English.  It is an official language in countries across five different continents and is the second most studied language in the world. Approximately 120 million students are currently learning French. There are approximately 80 million native French speakers in the world. French is the third most widely spoken language in Europe (not including English) behind Russian and German. The number of people speaking French in the world is increasing (up nearly 9.6% since 2014). From 2010 to today, 22.7 million more people now speak French. 


At Peters Hill, our MFL curriculum strives towards the following aims:

To develop the sequential steps that ensure learning builds on what has been taught before

To learn through practical and engaging methods

To enable children to live in a global world

To access one of the most commonly spoken languages around the world

To increase exposure to texts in another language

To develop a strong awareness of vocabulary


We believe that in MFL, all children should:

Learn to communicate in French developing vocabulary and skills

Develop their knowledge of French cultures

Learn to converse and describe

Experience songs and rhymes

Build a growing vocabulary in order to name, describe and ask/answer questions

Learn accurate pronunciation and intonation


Children become proficient in MFL through the development of the following learning pathways:

Pathway 1 – Listening and responding
Pathway 2 – Speaking
Pathway 3 – Reading and responding
Pathway 4 - Writing
Pathway 5 - Grammar

All knowledge is sequenced to ensure that existing learning is reviewed and linked to new learning.


Curriculum Drivers - How do our whole school values link to the subject?


AMBITION (Success) – Children will be able to recall vocabulary from memory and use this within phrases. Children will be able to respond to questions translating with confidence from French to English.


BELIEF (Confidence)– Children will demonstrate confidence in their own abilities by conversing in French and be confident enough to explore the language through resources that are readily available to them.


COMPASSION (Motivation) – Children will be exposed to a variety of ways that allow them to see language is purposeful and therefore be motivated to learn about language and culture.


PRIDE (Knowledge)– Children will show their knowledge through a variety of responses including written, verbal and their listening and responding to French.


RESPECT (Responsibility) – Children will gain respect for the French culture and language by being exposed to their way of life including life style choices of a child of similar age.


Please see the documents below outlining our whole school overview for MFL. 

Name Date  
Languages NC PoS 21st January 2022 Download >
Languages 22 23 7th November 2022 Download >