Welcome from the Principal

Junior Leadership Team

Head Boy & Girl


Hi, I’m Head Boy. Peters Hill has been amazing for making me prepared for secondary school. I think Peters Hill Has an excellent array of experiences, for example:

  • Trips (Study different histories or different places)
  • People & visitors (Sharing their knowledge with children)

Being Head Boy has been so much fun and I can’t wait to use my ideas to improve our school so that it’s the best primary school for learning and fun!

Throughout my time at Peters Hill. I have succeeded at many things but becoming head girl tops all of them. I was once not a confident girl in both maths and English, but with encouragement from my teachers I now do well in both subjects and enjoy them loads. As head girl of Peters Hill I believe it is my task to make my school a happy place to learn, to make it enjoyable for all children and to work together as a team to achieve better things.

Deputy Head Boy & Girl


I am the Deputy Head Boy. This is a role I have desired since my brother became Head Boy four years ago. I think all children should be treated equally. I have been in this school since Nursery. Last year I was in School Council and I was chairman. Talking about myself, I really enjoy both maths and English but I really enjoy history. I am extremely interested in music and my favourite band is My Chemical Romance. My family are encouraging and caring. I believe children should be disciplined fairly and rewarded for outstanding behaviour or work. I think that Peters Hill Primary School is an amazing place and with us we can make it one hundred times greater.

What I want to achieve…

  • To allow every person to have a say
  • To let others say their rights/belief/opinion
  • To become a role model
  • To make others realise they are unique
  • That people understand they are unique