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Mrs J Belcher

At Peters Hill we follow the NC PoS for English. English is taught daily in a discrete lesson and reinforced in all other subjects where reading is crucial to children being able to understand and communicate their learning across the curriculum. In EYFS and Key Stage One, we follow Letters and Sounds (revised) as our phonics programme.

At Peters Hill, our reading curriculum strives towards the following aims:

For reading to be at the heart of our curriculum, where our children are taught to read, then they independently read to learn.

For all children to be independent, confident readers with a wealth of strategies to support them.

To develop a lifelong love for reading across a range of subjects and genres.

To experience a diverse range of genres and authors across a range of different subjects.

For all children to read for understanding, linking ideas and making sense of the world around them.

To form confident opinions based on their reading diet.

To understand how reading, writing and oracy are linked.

We believe that in reading, all children should:

Be immersed in fictious worlds, relating to a range of characters, events and places.

Be taught through high quality phonic lessons in Early Years and KS1, modelled by the teacher.

Be able to read easily, fluently and with a good understanding of the text.

Develop the habit of reading widely and often, for both pleasure and information.

Be taught, through quality modelling and careful planning, and experience a range of reading domains across a range of genres, using challenging and age-appropriate vocabulary and concepts.

The Pathways

Children become proficient readers through the development of learning across key pathways.

Our reading pathways are;

Pathway 1 – Decode

Pathway 2 – Comprehend

Pathway 3 – Detect

Pathway 4 – Language

Pathway 5 – Respond

Curriculum Drivers - How do our whole school values link to the subject?

AMBITION (Success) – Children will read accurately and fluently and recognise the value and importance of reading as part of a civilised culture. Children can talk confidently about a number of authors and use their reading to justify their opinions on any number of issues. Children can independently access relevant information to follow a line of enquiry and challenge what they read, recognising bias and prejudice.

BELIEF (Confidence)– Children are encouraged daily both in school and home through a number of age-appropriate initiatives and strategies to read. Reading achievements are routinely celebrated. Pupils are encouraged to see the link between confidence in reading and success in other curriculum areas.

COMPASSION (Motivation) – Through a varied reading diet children will develop an understanding of a range of local, national and global issues and form opinions based on their knowledge, therefore being able to offer opinions and solutions. Through fictional reading children will develop an emotional intelligence to dilemmas, struggles and achievements of characters that they build an empathy with.

PRIDE (Knowledge)– Children will take pride in their reading achievements and use their reading skills to become knowledgeable in all other curriculum areas and wider school life. Children will feel a growing independence and freedom in their learning and a confidence with their understanding.

RESPECT (Responsibility) – Children will be encouraged to develop a language of reading and be able to discuss their reading confidently, using an ever-widening range of vocabulary. Children will accept that people will have different opinions to them and embrace varying opinions, without offence or judgement.

Please see the documents below outlining our whole school overview for reading. 

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