Welcome from the Principal

School Council

School council is made up of children elected by their peers to represent each class from Year 3 to 6. The aim of a school council is to allow children to make changes within the school.

School council representatives have been elected from every class from Years 3 to 6. We have had a few meetings so far this year to elect our chair (Jacob, Year 6) and co-chair (Mya, Year 5) as well as discussing what we want to achieve this year as a council.

We are pleased to announce that last year’s school council raised money for bike racks. As a school council we have decided the best way to use them is to allow each class a day to bring their bikes/scooters into school and then monitor which year groups are using it. During the autumn term, each class will be allocated a day to bring in their bike/scooter and use the bike racks. An email/letter will be sent out closer to each year group’s turn and you will be informed on how to use the bike racks, where they are located and how to keep your bike/scooter safe.

We hope that everyone enjoys bringing their bikes/scooters into school.