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At Peters Hill, our Science curriculum strives towards the following aims:

For children to understand and have the confidence and vocabulary to discuss their knowledge and understanding of science.

For children to develop an enquiring mind and desire to independently investigate and research scientific areas of interest.

For children to be able to work scientifically  in order to investigate using scientific principles.


We believe that in Science, all children should:

Work both collaboratively and independently to investigate scientific concepts 

Develop an extensive knowledge of a range of scientific vocabulary and be able to use them in context.

Begin to recognise how scientific concepts relate to their everyday lives.

Learn to consider questions that they are able to investigate scientifically, for themselves.


Children become proficient scientists through building substantive knowledge across the specific pathways of;

Pathway 1 - Biology
Pathway 2 - Chemistry
Pathway 3 - Physics

Children develop disciplinary knowledge through working scientifically and conducting a range of scientific enquiries across all topics taught Thi is;
Pathway 4 - Working scientifically


Curriculum Drivers - How do our whole school values link to the subject?

AMBITION (Success) – Develop a progression of investigative skills to enable children to independently test concepts. Children learn to record their investigations and results in a variety of ways and learn to identify the most effective method Teach series of ‘knowledge-based lessons in a variety of ways, including the use of practical, research, discussion and analysis. Knowledge organisers will be in place to ensure learning outcomes are ambitious for all pupils.

BELIEF (Confidence)– Children will develop scientific vocabulary in a variety of ways enabling them to discuss scientific concepts with confidence. We will encourage children to openly share their ideas and discuss them and to work collaboratively usually within year groups but also allowing for cross-year group interaction. Learning logs will highlight the children’s learning and enable them to celebrate their achievements.

COMPASSION (Motivation) – Teachers will use ’hooks’ in lessons to motivate children’s interest. (practical experiments, videos, photographs, questions etc) Children will be encouraged to understand how the concepts relate to their own lives and to further develop their knowledge by asking further questions. Lessons should be practical and ‘hands-on’ wherever possible. Children will learn about scientists from many backgrounds, ethnic groups and genders so that children understand that science is for everyone.

PRIDE (Knowledge)– Build up sequences of lessons building on previous knowledge and supported with the use of knowledge organisers. All staff will teach science with a clear understanding of what has previously been taught using the curriculum pathways document. Develop the acquisition of specific scientific vocabulary and deeper learning will be developed on a regular basis.

RESPECT (Responsibility) – Build in knowledge and understanding of safety and respect for resources. Children will learn to respect their environments – both immediate and wider, including those of plants and other animals. Children learn to respect the ideas and knowledge of others to encourage open and confident discussion.


Please see the documents below outlining our whole school overview for science


Name Date  
Science NC PoS 18th January 2022 Download >
Science 12th September 2023 Download >