Welcome from the Principal

School Uniform






Boys Winter

Warm Weather

Dark grey/charcoal trousers - not light grey or black

White polo shirt

Navy blue sweatshirt or jumper

Black shoes - no trainers or heavy boots


Dark grey/charcoal short trousers can be worn during warmer weather

Girls Winter

Warm Weather

Grey trousers, skirt or pinafore

White polo shirt or blouse

Navy blue cardigan, sweatshirt or jumper

Socks/tights – grey, navy blue or white only

Black shoes – no trainers

Hair accessories – blue or white only


Blue a gingham dress – any style

White socks

Black or white shoes/sandals (plain and flat heeled).  We strongly recommend no jelly shoes or open toed sandals during warmer weather.

PE Kit for Rec-6 Pupils


Plain white T-shirt

Black shorts

Black pumps/trainers

Track suit for colder days outside


Please note:

No jewellery should be worn

Longer hair must be tied back

Nursery & Reception Pupils Only



Waterproof Coat



Nursery Pupils Only

Warm Weather

Grey joggers or grey skirt.

White polo shirt.

Navy blue cardigan, sweatshirt or jumper – preferably with logo.

Black velcro pumps.

As opposite but with the option to wear dark grey/charcoal short trousers or blue gingham dress – any style.


  • Fleeces are for outdoor wear only.
  • Jewellery – one plain ring, a watch and stud earrings only – no bracelets or necklaces.  All jewellery will need to be removed for PE.
  • No nail varnish please.


The majority of these items are available from Julie Woodhouse at ‘Uniformity’ located adjacent to school.  Her contact telephone number is: 07970 625484.


We also have a pre-loved uniform shop.  Please speak to the School Office for further details.  Any uniform that no longer fits your child will be gratefully received by school.  Please take any items along to the School Office.  Thank you.