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Assessment Mark books 

Each Teacher develops an Assessment Mark book for all subjects in school.  

Teaching staff use a range of evidence to establish the level of learning against the key learning objectives for the topic/schema. Within this staff are encouraged to consider the depth and width of understanding.  

All children should be given the opportunity to secure their understanding of the key learning objective and be able to apply that understanding in a variety of ways - particularly using these skills to solve extended problems in more challenging and unfamiliar contexts.  

They should be able to complete extended projects and conduct their own research and follow their own lines of enquiry.  

They should be given the opportunity to use high order thinking skills to synthesise different ideas and concepts. This is how we endeavour to enrich and extend our pupils understanding. 

Our Principles of Assessment are… 

Our approach to Assessment is built upon… 

We make evaluations and judgements using… 

Assessment activities are carefully chosen to enable children to demonstrate their understanding against the 5 areas shown above.  

At the end of each topic/schema the individual child will be recorded as achieving either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 from the evidence gathered during the topic.  

Staff are supported in making these judgements by using topic/schema learning outcomes generated from whole school planning documents.  

The attainment of each child is generated throughout the term as shown below…