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Sports Premium

Sports Premium

What is Sports Premium? 

The government allocate funding to support physical education (PE) and sport provision in primary schools.

At Peters Hill Primary, we recognise the contribution of PE to the health and well-being of the children. We believe that an innovative, varied PE curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all our children.

This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools

Whilst schools are free to spend the Sport Premium as they see fit, we are required to publish online information about how we have used the Premium which you can access below.

Also available is the Year 6 Swimming Statistics.

Name Date  
Sports Premium at Peters Hill 2017-18 5th December 2018 Download >
Year 6 Swimming Statistics 4th April 2019 Download >
Sports Premium at Peters Hill 2018-19 19th September 2019 Download >
Sports Premium Action Plan 2019-20 3rd December 2019 Download >