Welcome from the Principal

Parking Enforcement

We would like to advise you that Dudley Council's parking enforcement team are now deploying mobile CCTV to keep children safe outside schools.  A car equipped with CCTV will be used to deter people from parking on yellow ‘keep clear’ zig zag lines outside school gates in the borough.  It is an offence to stop anywhere on such lines, punishable by a £70 fine.  The car, which was already one of the council’s fleet of vehicles, has been kitted out with smart technology. Using Google Maps and GPS, it will sense when the car has been driven into an area with yellow zig zag lines and start recording. It will stop when the car leaves the area, capturing the number plates of all those parked illegally while it is there. If, after monitoring the footage, an offence has been committed, penalty charge notices will be issued by post.