Welcome from the Principal

Young Entrepreneurs

The Young Entrepreneurs project is made up of 3 different strands, all designed to give children an increased awareness about money and the important skill of handling money correctly. In addition to this, the project is also designed to bring out children's entrepreneurial skills and make their class some money!!

One aspect of the project is that all children in school will have lessons on financial management delivered by staff from a high street bank.

Another aspect is a small group of children from Year 3 & 4 will be selected and trained to repair, fix and then sell on recovered bikes.

The final aspect of the project is the school shop. With this, each class will get opportunity to rent the school shop and sell whatever they choose, either made or brought, with the aim of making a profit which the class can then use to spend on whatever they want! It is going to be very interesting and exciting to see what each class decides to sell!!