Class Peter Thorpe Space Art's Blog


This week we have been learning all about space-themed abstract art. We focused on abstract space artist Peter Thorpe, who is well known for painting rockets. Find out how Peter Thorpe began painting these abstract masterpieces below:


"I started the rocket paintings in the 1980s as a way to use paint that I would have otherwise thrown away. After each commercial job I did, there would be a pallet half full of paint left over and it pained me to toss it, but the next painting required a new pallet. It finally occured to me that I could easily paint an abstract background on a blank board or canvas with the left over paint."


"But, what should I do with the abstracts?"


"I started to do figures, landscapes, and, as a long time space fan, rockets and planets on top of the backgrounds. Some of the figures and landscapes got noticed, but everyone loved the rockets."


"I have a life long love of space exploration, space science and science fiction, in that order. I've worked for years with pro-space groups as a graphic designer, and suddenly they were asking to buy my 'fine-art' rocket paintings."


"People have liked the rocket paintings, so I continue to do them. Thank you to everyone who has supported them."