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  • Column addition with carrying

    9th October 2014

    Now your child has practiced addition in columns without carrying, they are ready to understand why the ten needs to be carried across to the tens column. Explain that any number greater than 9 can not be written in the units column. They will need to…


  • Column addition without carrying

    8th October 2014

    Now your child has a secure understanding of the value of digits within each column they are ready to move to column addition without carrying. This means that the total in the units column does not go above 10.  Explain the importance of keeping…


  • Adding units on an empty number line

    7th October 2014

    One of the first written strategies to help children understand the concept of addition is the use of an empty number line. Watch the clip below to practice this strategy at home with your child. It is especially important to ensure the jumps are big…


  • Expanded column addition

    5th October 2014

    his stage of addition reinforces the understanding of place value. It ensures that the child knows they are adding groups of ten and not just two columns of units. Watch the clip below to practice this method your child.


  • Adding multiples of 10 on an empty number line.

    3rd October 2014

    This is a tricky step as it needs the child to be able to add on multiples of ten mentally. Again it is important to set out the jumps clearly and remember that the next number needs to be written where the jump touches down on the line. Watch the clip…


  • Adding multiple jumps of 10 on a number line

    2nd October 2014

    Once your child can master adding on one jump of ten, they can apply their understanding to adding on more than one jump of ten. It is important that they realise that the tens column is the one increases when 10 is added. e.g.  12 + 10 = 22 The…


  • Adding a jump of 10 on an empty number line

    1st October 2014

    This is the next step after adding units. It is very important that the child understands how the place value of a digit changes when we add on a jump of 10. The jump of ten needs to be larger than the unit jumps as this helps the child to distinguish…