Welcome from the Principal

Peer Mentors

If you visit the bustling playgrounds at Peters Hill, you’ll notice some new additions; dressed in stunning blue jackets, they are our ‘Peer Mentors’. Armed with only a listening ear, this team of fully trained children aim to support their peers experiencing friendship problems. Expertly trained in resilience and assertiveness by Jon Lees from 'Believe to Achieve' these children are experts in helping all on the playground.

Their role is to be there for and support others at lunchtimes. They have been trained to understand the importance of communication and have positive and active listening skills. The children have been taught games that they can play in the playground that include everyone.

There are three roles to uphold as a Peer Supporter:

Play leader - this role is to investigate games and activities in the playground, encouraging others to take part and praising children for doing so.

Safety Leader  - this role involves looking for hazards which may cause accidents around the playground as well as looking out for potentially dangerous actions such as climbing or running around without looking.

Befriender/Listener - a key role for a Peer Supporter. This role is to appreciate and understand others feelings and to look out for any children that may be on their own looking sad/lonely/upset.

All children are trained to support others and explore ways to resolve conflict through liaising with each other and working as a team.