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Remote Learning

Information regarding our approach to remote learning is shown below. 


** Two new guides, which have been written by some of our Teachers, have been uploaded to the bottom of this page ** 

Click the logo above to access the Satchel Login page

What is Satchel One (Show My Homework)?:

Satchel One's Show My Homework, is an online application which allows teachers and staff to publish homework and other resouces to their classes of students. It allows students to complete their homework from their home computers, tablets or even smart phones, and submit it back to the teacher for grading. The staff member which will be able to choose how the resource/homework is resubmitted, such as back to Satchel One, or via an alternative means, suchas MyMaths, TTRS, or Purple Mash, etc.

Some great benefits and features of this system are:

  • Can easily see all homework online, via the logged in account or the Online School Homework Calendar
  • Homework is accessible 24/7, and not fully reliant on paper-based work
  • Helps keep organisation of homework
  • Teachers can set Students quizzes and spelling tests online - and see the results once completed
  • Automatic reminders when using the mobile app (when push notifications are enabled)

Satchel One can be used through their website, on a browser, or through their free App which is available on most tablets and smartphones, such as Android (Google Play Store) and Apple IOS (Apple Store). You can download the apps from the image below:


When the app is installed on your device, and push notifications are enabled, you can recieve alerts for:

  • Overdue Homework
  • New Homework has been set
  • Student Submissions

Please note:- If you are logging into the app with a student's account, you need to log in via the RM Unify button. As stated HERE, when logging into RM Unify, you need to make sure that @petershilldudley or @petershillprimary.org is at the end of your username. For example, Joe Bloggs, would be BloggsJ@petershilldudley / BloggsJ@petershillprimary.org

How do I log into Satchel One (as a student)?:

We have enabled RM Unify Single Sign-on, therefore to log into Satchel, you must be logged into RM Unify by clicking HERE, and selecting the Satchel One tile. (If you have difficulties logging in, please view our Accessing online systems at home page, HERE).

Alternatively, you can access the Satchel One login screen, HERE and select the Log in with RM Unify option, as shown below:

Please Note:- May we remind parents'/carers' that in order for homework to be completed, i.e. Satchel One's inbuilt Spelling Tests, the student must be logged into Satchel One, and not logged in as a parent. This is because the Parent account can only see the homework, and not complete it, because the student needs to complete it via their account.

How does it work?:


Teachers create and publisher homework online, and choose whether to make the homework public for the school's Online School Homework Calendar. Once they have done this, Students are able to manage their submission of the homework and view their grades for what they have submitted (when a teacher has marked it). 

When you have logged in, you will see the homework which is relevant to you, and you will see information such as submission times, and gradings/feedback. The teacher will also give information on where to submit the homework/resources, such as through SMHW, or MyMaths, Times Table Rock Stars, or Purple Mash, etc.

With Satchel One, forgetting passwords, or losing pieces of paper is no longer viable. With their Online School Homework Calendar, which is accessible anywhere and without the need to log in, Students and Parents/Guardians can access the homework calendar and change the details for their specific class.


Your child should have been given a letter containing information about Satchel One, and how your child can access the system. It will also contain Parent Codes to access Satchel One and assign your account to your child, to see their homework calendar.

In addition, as a parent/guardian, the letter will also explain how to sign up with your personal email and give you a specific code to essentially attach the childs account to your parent account. Therefore you can view and see what home has been set for your child, without the need to log in as a student. 

Parents/Guardians can log into the system by clicking HERE.

When I log into Satchel One, I get an unregistered error message:

If you log into Satchel One, using the RM Unify, i.e. from the RM Unify tiles, or via the Sing in with RM Unify button, and get the, "The account specified is not registered with us." error, like below, please contact your teacher who will be able to speak with the IT Department to get it resolved.

The error looks like below:


When I log into Satchel One, quizzes and spelling tests only allow me to do a practice?:

You can only submit homework, do full quizzes and complete spelling tests if you are logged into Satchel One as a student (via RM Unify). This means that if you have logged into it before as a parent log in, you will need to log out of the system (bottom left of the panel) and then re-log in as a student using the RM Unify Tile, or through the Login with RM Unify button on Satchel's Login screen.

When I log into Satchel One, on a web browser, I get a blank screen and nothing is showing?:

This error can happen whenever you are using an out of date, or an incompatible browser. To fix this issue, we would suggest trying to download a new copy of the browser, such as Google Chrome.

Where can I get help or more information on Satchel One/Show My Homework?:

If you have any questions about this application, or you are in need for support, please do not hestiate getting touch with Team Satchel.

Students', Parents'/Guardians', and Staff can visit the Satchel One Help Centre, HERE

You can also call them on 0207 1979550 or click HERE to submit an Email request.

Take a look at some helpful resources below:


A Students Guide to Show My Homework (Desktop)

A Students Guide to the Mobile App


A Parent's Guide to Show My Homework

A Parent's Guide to the Mobile App


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