Welcome from the Principal

Globetrotters 2023

The Globetrotters Go Live!

We are very excited to announce that from September 2022 PHPS are launching a brand new club! We are the PHPS Globetrotters Club, and representatives from years 4,5 and 6 will be meeting every fortnight on Tuesdays after school (3-4 pm) from September 27th 2022.

What is it all about..?

Our new club underpins our commitment to SMSC, providing our children with the opportunity to come together to explore a whole host of current topics, locally, nationally, internationally. So much is happening in our world and we very much welcome and value the opinions of our PHPS citizens…we look forward to the children being able to discuss and debate current affairs…they are our future. We will share with the school our current ‘Talking Point’ and hope that our Globetrotter reps will share their thoughts with their peers.

Our club aims…

  • To introduce a club for pupils with a wider remit and vision, encompassing and supporting SMSC.​
  • 2. To provide a forum for discussion and debate – beginning where we are post Covid:​
  •           – As a person…our experiences.​
  •           – As a school…how have things changed?​
  •           – On a global scale.​
  • 3. What is good? What has improved? If we don’t know, how do we find out?​
  • 4.What could be improved? What change do we want to see?​
  • 5. To shape pupils as global and responsible citizens.​
  • 6. To foster tolerance and widen horizons.​
  • 7. Explore ways of finding out about what is happening in the world.​
  • 8. Expanding knowledge of ‘their’ world…studying current events…​
  • https://thecanadianhomeschooler.com/why-kids-should-study-current-events/
  • 9. Understand comparisons with other cultures/customs.​
  • 10. Benefits of a broad perspective.

We shall be meeting every fortnight on Tuesdays after school, 3-4 pm. in 6 NG, starting on Tuesday, September 27th. Watch this space!

Whole School Talking Points

Peters Hill are proud to announce that Peters Hill brand new Globetrotters Club has gone live! Representatives from years 4,5 and 6 meet every fortnight on a Tuesday, and debate local, national and global news. During our first session the reps discussed a whole host of current affairs and events that they felt were important. It was fantastic to hear their views and opinions…and how they listened to each other and valued what each was saying. They decided that the focus of the ‘Talking Point’ during the first session was to be:

‘What impact has the passing of Queen Elizabeth had on British society?’

Talking Point posters were then placed around school to encourage discussion and debate.

When we met last week for the second time, the reps bought to the table a whole host of thoughts, ideas and opinions surrounding our first Talking Point focus. What impact do YOU think the passing of Queen Elizabeth has had on British society? Let us know!

Our new Talking Point for the next 2 weeks is…

‘Discuss the impact Global Warming is having upon our Earth.’