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Coronavirus Information

Government Statement - 
The government continues to manage the risk of serious illness from the spread of the virus. The Prime Minister announced on 27 November the temporary introduction of new measures as a result of the Omicron variant and on 8 December that Plan B, set out in the autumn and winter plan 2021, was being enacted. As a result, these measures are reflected in this guidance for schools. This advice remains subject to change as the situation develops. COVID-19 continues to be a virus that we learn to live with and the imperative to reduce the disruption to children and young people’s education remains. Our priority is for you to deliver face-to-face, high-quality education to all pupils. The evidence is clear that being out of education causes significant harm to educational attainment, life chances, mental and physical health. We have worked closely with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the United Kingdom Health Security Agency (UKHSA) to revise this guidance.
Risk Assessment - 
As a school, we must comply with health and safety law and put in place proportionate control measures. We must regularly review and update our risk assessments - treating them as ‘living documents’, as the circumstances in our school and the public health advice changes. This includes having active arrangements in place to monitor whether the controls are effective and working as planned. For more information on what is required of school leaders in relation to health and safety risk assessments and managing risk, see the health and safety advice for schools. Our whole school risk assessment is reviewed regulary and is shown below. 
Operational Guidance - 
We follow government gudelines taken from the 'Schools Covid-19 Operational  Guidance'. The link to the most recent version is shown below. 
We also use this guidance along with information from public health to create our own Peters Hill specific operational plan. This document outlines the steps we are taking across the school in response to Covid 19 cases and enables us to escalate or de-escalate the safety measures that we take. This school specific plan is shown below. 
What to do if - 
We also create a simple information document that outlines to all stakeholders what they need to do if certain scenarios appear. This document follows government guidelines and helps to ensure that we all know how to respond to identified positive cases or individuals who might be symptomatic or asysmptomatic. This document is shown at the bottom of the page. 
Stay at home guidance can be found below
Covid Winter Grant - 

The COVID Winter Grant Scheme is to provide support to vulnerable households and families with children particularly affected by the pandemic throughout the winter period where alternative sources of assistance may be unavailable. 

The funding is to provide support with food, energy and water bills for household purposes (including drinking, washing, cooking, central heating, and sanitary purposes) sewerage and emergencies including replacement of white goods such as a cooker, washing machine, fridge freezer or heater if these are broken and there are no funds available to replace them. 

To be eligible applicants MUST 

  • live in the Dudley Borough 
  • be able to show us that they do not have the money to provide food, gas or electricity and/or essential household items for yourself or your household as a result of the impact of either COVID-19 or other financial hardship 

    People that the grant can help: 
  • Families in receipt of benefits with children age 0 – 18 
  • Families who are working, do not receive benefit but are on furlough or whose income has been seriously impacted by COVID? 
  • Individuals or couples over the age of 18 who are in a vulnerable group 

    Application Process 

    Requests for assistance from the winter grant can be made either by: 
  • Making a request by telephone 0300 3302152 
  • Completing the attached screening form which should then be sent to your most local Family Centre – please see addresses & email addresses below: 

Informational Documents:

Name Date  
Coronavirus Book 23rd April 2020 Download >
CWGS application form Draft v4 26th February 2021 Download >
Operational Plan January 22 updated 17th Jan 18th January 2022 Download >
Covid Risk Assessment 17th January 22 18th January 2022 Download >
What to do if 18th January 2022 Download >