Welcome from the Principal

Pupil Welcome

Welcome to Peters Hill Primary School we would like to tell you a little about our school. Our school provides an excellent education for all our children and encourages our pupils to fly high; flourish and fulfil. This school has taught us to show ambition, belief, compassion, pride and respect, which are our five school aims.

We have been at this school since the start of our education and have enjoyed every moment of it! The school helps us achieve our full potential. We have a range of clubs and opportunities to get involved at Peters Hill which includes sports, musical, academic and creative, which helps us build our confidence and co-operation skills.

At our school, we have a no bullying policy and encourage every child to work together and include each other – supporting each other is essential. We have lots of useful resources at Peters Hill including: Chromebooks, iPads, Computers and Interactive whiteboards and many others. These devices help both teachers and pupils as well as enabling us to develop skills necessary for the wider world.

As part of the junior leadership team, we look forward to representing our fantastic school and aiming to fly high: flourish and fulfil.