Welcome from the Principal


Curriculum Team Leaders

Miss J Shorland
Miss L Smith
Mrs Barrington-Earp


Link Governor

Mrs R Steedman


At Peters Hill, our Geography curriculum strives towards the following aims:

To be engaging and inspiring through a well sequenced approach to learning.

To develop curiosity and interest in the world that we live in.

To develop a strong sense of place by studying places, people and environments. 

To understand our place in the world around us.

To recognise diversity and the forms that this comes in.

To learn the skills of enquiry through a range of resources and approaches.

To develop technical vocabulary.

To speculate, make connections and interpret evidence. 


We believe that in Geography, all children should:

Learn about significant places, people and resources.

Develop their understanding of physical characteristics in the world around us.

Learn about human characteristics and how these have been developed and progressed. 

Identify changes in our locality over time. 

Learn to collect and present geographical data. 

Understand how to interpret and analyse geographical information. 


Children become proficient in Geography through the development of the following learning pathways:

Pathway 1 – Locational Knowledge
Pathway 2 – Place Knowledge
Pathway 3 – Human and Physical
Pathway 4 - Skills and Fieldwork

All knowledge is sequenced to ensure that existing learning is reviewed and linked to new learning.


Curriculum Drivers - How do our whole school values link to the subject?

AMBITION (Success) – Knowledge organisers will be in place to ensure learning outcomes are ambitious for all pupils. Key knowledge will be clearly established and linked to previous learning. Lessons will aim for a depth of understanding through the subject ‘deep ideas’ themes.

BELIEF (Confidence)– All children will have the opportunity to reflect on learning and see how their knowledge is improving over time. Learning Logs will show pupils the progress they are making and give the self belief that they can achieve well in geography.

COMPASSION (Motivation) – Children will be encouraged to find out about the world they live in and ask appropriate questions to deepen their understanding. They will be motivated by learning about local, national and international geography so that their global awareness increases all of the time. They will be motivated to show that they know more by the end of a topic. Children will be motivated by a ‘hands on’ approach to learning about geography.

PRIDE (Knowledge)– Knowledge will be shared with all children through knowledge organisers and good teaching. All staff will teach geography with a clear understanding of what has come before and how this links to todays learning. Deep ideas will be developed for children on a regular basis.

RESPECT (Responsibility) – Children will develop a responsibility for learning about the world around them and the role they play in supporting our world. They will work with a range of resources and artefacts respectfully.

Please see the documents below outlining our whole school overview for Geography. 

Name Date  
Geography NC PoS 21st January 2022 Download >
Geography Topic Overview 21st January 2022 Download >
Geography Curriculum Pathway 21st January 2022 Download >