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Attendance and punctuality is important for learning at Peters Hill Primary School. Time out of class means your child misses learning opportunities. Children with Outstanding Attendance are able to participate in and make the best use of all the wonderful learning, activities and events provided at our school; what we would like for every single one of our pupils!  A government report has looked at how attendance affects the performance of pupils in the most important years of primary education. The report finds that higher attendance likely leads to pupils achieving higher grades. You can read this report by clicking here.

Please see the diagram to the right which we use to rate the attendance of our pupils. We think it would be fantastic if as many pupils achieved as high attendance as possible and we are committed to improving this across the whole school. We understand that occasionally children will be absent due to illness or other circumstances; it’s a natural part of life in and out of school. We are able to administer prescribed medicines when required to help your child while at school. This can be arranged by contacting the school office.


Being on time is really important to your child; every morning the class teacher explains what is going to happen during that day so even if your child misses just a few minutes they may miss some very important information.

Getting into the habit of being punctual at school is a good life lesson. Good timekeeping is a requirement for most employers and is usually listed as a requirement for employees so by ensuring your child learns to be on time you are not only helping them make the most of school but also helping them with their future job prospects.

Please click here to view our Attendance Policy.

So far this year our whole school attendance is 95.93%.

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