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Curriculum Team Leaders

Mrs K Adams
Mr S Porter
Mr S Duncan

Link Governor

Mrs J Belcher

At Peters Hill, our writing curriculum strives towards the following aims:

For children to be informed and empowered to find their writer's voice.

To understand how reading, writing and oracy are inextricably linked.

Ensure that writing is not taught in isolation but rooted in rich topics and themes that give purpose.

To stimulate imagination and deepen the motivation to write. 

To develop opportunities for quality writing across a range of subjects using a selection of genres appropriately to enhance the teaching sequence.

To use clear age appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation across all writing.

To develop consistent legible kinetic letters style handwriting in all written work across all subjects.

To develop an awareness and understanding of audience during the writing process.

To draw on wider reading opportunities to enhance written outcomes.

To develop a strong sense of a sustained and coherent narrative. 


We believe that in writing, all children should:

Be inspired by a range of texts that give the opportunity for children to respond and communicate ideas through high quality writing.

Be taught, through quality modelling and careful planning to communicate in a number of genres, using challenging and age appropriate vocabulary, grammar and punctuation.

Understand the value of writing as a form of communication and always be given purposeful writing opportunities.

Be able to handwrite fluently and legibly through careful teaching of Kinetic Letters.

Be inspired to write through a rich variety of experiences.

Be encouraged to reflect on written outcomes and evaluate these both collaboratively and independently. 


Children become proficient writers through a focus on the following learning pathways;

Pathway 1 – Spelling
Pathway 2 – Organisation
Pathway 3 – Purpose
Pathway 4 -  Word
Pathway 5 – Grammar
Pathway 6 – Handwriting


Curriculum Drivers - How do our whole school values link to the subject?

Ambition (Success)

Pupils can write for a range of purposes confidently and accurately, using age appropriate vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. Children appreciate the value of written communication in a democracy and understand how to do this appropriately. Children are proud of their writing and are given opportunities to have their work published and shared using a variety of mediums both within and outside of the school.

Belief (Confidence)

Through careful planning, drafting and revision, children will have confidence in their final written work. They will believe that by careful and accurate writing they can clearly communicate their opinions, beliefs, wants and complaints, ensuring they have a valued voice in their community.

Compassion (Motivation)

Through their reading and other subject study, children will form opinions and feel confident to be able to effectively articulate these using a range of written genres. Children will have the vocabulary to communicate effectively and therefore be motivated to contribute to issues of local, national and global concern.

Pride (Knowledge)

Children will take pride in their writing achievements and be able to make improvements through the quality modelling and revisions they make during the drafting process. Children will share their writing with a range of audiences and enjoy having opportunities to write for a purpose.

Respect (Responsibility)

Children to develop a responsibility for editing and improving their work to further improve. Children will appreciate how mastering their written communication and using effective vocabulary will enable them to have a voice in their class, school and wider community.

Handwriting Videos

How to form the letter e

How to form the letters in the Fisher family

How to form the letter l, t, i and u

How to form the letters in the Slider family

How to form each letter in the abracadabra family

How to form each letter in the Jumper family - h, b, r, n, m, p


Please see the documents below outlining our whole school overview for writing.

Name Date  
English NC PoS 18th January 2022 Download >
Writing 22 23 7th November 2022 Download >