Welcome from the Principal


Curriculum Team Leaders

Mrs V Westwood
Miss B Reed


Link Governor

 Mrs I Gilhooley


At Peters Hill, our PE curriculum strives towards the following aims:

To make sport and physical activity accessible for all.

To enable learners to progress, be motivated and increase their participation in physical activity. 

To develop a joy of physical activity and an an understanding of the impact of this on our bodies.

To set and achieve personal targets and challenges.

To learn to participate individually and/or as a team.

To promote health, physical education and wellness ensuring all children will be physically active on  aregular basis.

To use equipment and resources that enable children to practise and refine skills.

To provide opportunities for children to transfer skills from sport to sport.

To build an awareness of the mastery of skills will through linking them to a variety of sports. 


We believe that in PE, all children should:

Gain a deepening understanding of... 

  • A variety of sports, including accessible sports and activities
  • Knowing how to improve skills through practising and refining  
  • The rules and tactics in various games and able to change a tactic to suit the game 
  • Working effectively as a team showing great sportsmanship and encouragement of others  
  • How to effectively transfer skills in PE lessons from one sport to another sport 
  • How to effectively use equipment/resources, in all lessons, and be able to transfer knowledge of how equipment is used from one sport to another


Children become proficient in PE through the development of the following learning pathways:


Pathway 1 – Games
Pathway 2 – Swimming
Pathway 3 – Athletics
Pathway 4 - Gymnastics
Pathway 5 - Dance
Pathway 6 - OAA
Pathway 7 - Health Related Fitness

All knowledge is sequenced to ensure that existing learning is reviewed and linked to new learning.


Curriculum Drivers - How do our whole school values link to the subject?


AMBITION (Success) – Lessons will aim for success for all, providing children with achievable outcomes and provide depth. All children will be encouraged to celebrate their successes and show good sportsmanship to their peers. Children will be able to participate in intraclass competitions, at the end of each term and the school year. 

BELIEF (Confidence)– Through using “piggyback learning”, children will be able to feel that they are familiar with their new learning by reflecting and developing on previous learning. This will allow them to develop skills taught through guidance from the teacher and independently. Children will be encouraged to use links to prior learning to refine skills. 

COMPASSION (Motivation) – Children will be encouraged to learn through practising skills and asking appropriate questions to deepen their understanding of them. They will be motivated to show theirunderstanding of skills through performances and games at the end of each topic. Their awareness of global sporting events will be developed through PE lessons, assemblies and whole school events to develop their love and appreciation of sport. Children can receive Sports Achievement awards through the school's reward system when they have gained/ made progress in a new skill or achieved an award outside of school.   

PRIDE (Knowledge)– All staff will teach physical education with a clear understanding of what has been taught previously and how this links to today’s learning. Modelling of appropriate attitudes towards PE as well as skills will be provided with explanations for all learning styles.Deep ideas will be developed for children on a regular basis to challenge their learning. 

RESPECT (Responsibility) - Children will develop a responsibility for learning about a variety of sports and skills. They will learn about the benefits and role physical activity has on their health and wellbeing. They will work with a range of people in teams and with a variety of equipment responsibly and respectfully. Physical activity for 30 minutes within each day will be each child’s responsibility through guidance given by the teacher, sports ambassadors and activities during playtimes. Children will be rewarded for achieving active 30 through being given carrot rewards.   

Please see the documents below outlining our whole school overview for PE. 



Name Date  
PE NC PoS 30th March 2022 Download >
PE 22 23 18th May 2023 Download >