Welcome from the Principal

School Uniform

At Peters Hill, we have a school uniform and we believe this helps to play a key role in:

  • promoting the ethos of the school
  • providing a sense of belonging and identity
  • setting an appropriate tone for education

In developing and implementing our uniform policy, our governing body has had regard for the statutory guidance on the cost of school uniforms

The governing body has also ensured that in developing and implementing the uniform policy, they comply with the Human Rights Act 1998 and Equality Act 2010 and taken into account key considerations such as safeguarding requirements and the health and safety of pupils.

Cost Effective

At Peters Hill, we have continued to develop the uniform policy so that it is as cost-effective as possible. This includes ensuring that the items we ask for are easily available to all parents across a wide range of providers. This includes keeping to widely available colours and styles and not insisting on branded items at any point. We do not ask for the school logo to be on uniform items but this does remain an option if parents would like it. Uniform that contains the school logo is only available to buy online through the school. This helps to keep the costs as low as possible. Please contact us directly for further information. 

Pre-Loved Uniform

We are also aware of the speed at which children grow and how quickly uniform needs to be replaced.  With this in mind, we offer a pre-loved uniform option at set points throughout the year. Any parent wishing to donate uniform can do so by dropping it off at the main school office. All items are washed and ironed and then added to the pre-loved uniform shop that is available to all parents. Items in this shop are free and are an excellent way of reusing quality items. We would encourage all members of our school community to help with this by donating items and accessing the shop as needed. For further information regarding this, please contact the main school office. 

Our Uniform

Trousers/Skirts - Charcoal Grey

Polo Shirt/Shirt/Blouse - White

Sweatshirt/Jumper - Navy Blue

Shoes - Black

PE T-shirt -- White (No football tops)

PE Shorts -- Black

PE Tracksuit - Black / Grey / Navy

PE - Appropriate trainers (No football boots)

PE Pumps - Black



We would ask that ear studs are removed for all PE lessons to show good practise and hygiene. If a child has forgotten to remove their earrings, staff will ensure the activities are suitable for their participationAll other jewellery (fit bits, watches, rings) should be removed unless unable to for religious reasons, which should be covered if it is at risk of causing harm. Hair should be tied back out of faces during activity, to ensure it does not impede on vision. 


If you have any questions/queries regarding our uniform policy please do not hesitate to contact the main school office. Further information can be found in the Parent Handbook section of this website.