Welcome from the Principal

Junior Leadership Team

Spring Term update
Following on from our success in leading our first ever assembly in the autumn term, the Junior Leadership team are currently planning our next assembly. We have decided to link this assembly with one of the Peters Hill five key drivers of Pride, Compassion, Ambition, Respect and Belief. As a group we chose to focus on Ambition as it is an area that we strongly believe in. We have written our own definitions of ambition and hope that our assembly will inspire our peers to achieve the very best that they can. 
We have also met to review the Ethical Schools Partnership agreement. We are proud to be one of 7 local schools who have agreed to think about our actions and how they affect the children, staff and local community. We have looked at The Framework for Ethical Leadership in Education points and as a Junior Leadership Team, we will be thinking about how we can be more ethical in how we respond to situations around school. 
Watch this space for an update on our forthcoming assembly and our perspective on the Ethical Schools Partnership agreement. 

Autumn Term

Hi there, we are the new Junior Leadership Team representing Peters Hill Primary School. We are happy to help out when needed in the school community, we respect each other, are supportive and take pride in all that we do. We are so excited about the year ahead, including helping the adults and children in our school and are looking forward to being role models to younger children.

Our first task was to create our team motto and logo which we worked on as a team. We hope you like them.

Updated JLT photograph coming soon...